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Consultation Checklist

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In order to better serve you when booking a consultation there is a page to briefly include the following.


Event day and date - Are we available?  Before going any further we must confirm the date is open for any custom cakes. (Limited availability and no deliveries on Labor Day Weekend)

Full contact info including cell phone and email.
(Never shared or sold.  Email is used to send a copy of your order, for follow up decorating questions and cell phones only in emergencies such as incorrect delivery address)

Delivery Info
- Delivery is not included in the price of cakes.  All delivery addresses have to be looked up and confirmed.  We use google street maps to check on parking, distance and how many people we'll need to get the cake inside before we can give a quote on the delivery fee. Prior to your consultation we'll need the name and address of reception site At the time of consultation we'll need all venue contact info. (manager name and phone #) We make one attempt to deliver the cake. If the venue is closed we return and an there is an additional charge to deliver again. Customers are responsible for confirming delivery times with the venue.

Number of guests/servings - We will use this to help determine the cake size. We will explain how your cake is sized, how heavy, cake dimensions, the yield, and more.

Ornament/Cake Topper
- Yes/No and dimensions, height - width - base diameter (So we match the size of the top tier) Most wedding ornaments have a base under 5".  We'll need to know if yours is larger.

Style # of cake if any, from our catalog or your own picture.

Cake flavor(s)
Plain pound cake is standard.  Marble and Chocolate Chip are also popular.  Other flavors by special order.

Cake colors (White icing is standard, airbrushing of trim to match your color, if desired, is included. Tinting the entire cake, Ivory etc., is available.)

We have a fair pricing policy.  All cake quotes will be fully detailed and explained.