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Miniature Pastries

From yummy party trays to large bulk orders for catering and events we have a selection of tasty Mini Pastries available at Mayfair Bakery.

 Petite Fours - Pound Cake squares coated in vanilla & chocolate icing

Mini Danish - Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Cheese, Blueberry

Creampuffs - Custard filled Choux Pastry / Pâte à Choux

Honey Buns - Mini sticky buns with pecans

Mini TV Bars - Chocolate cake striped with buttercreme and dipped in chocolate icing

Mini "Pigs Ears" - French Palmiers / Puff Pastry

Mini Brownies - Dense and decadent, chocolate iced

Mini Strudels - Cheese, Apple, Cherry, Blueberry

Cookies - Scratch made butter cookies (minimum order applies)

Miniature pastry assortment with petite fours and danish

Miniature pastry tray from Mayfair Bakery