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Gender Reveal Cakes

We make many different types of gender reveal cakes from filled cupcakes to custom tiered cakes.
This is just a sampling of our cakes along with how we process your last minute gender reveal cake order.

Since most people ordering gender reveal cakes don't know the sex of the baby until the day before. Here are some tips on how we handle this.

  1. Contact us ahead of time, before your scan. This ensures we will be available to make the cake and are not booked up. Let us know the date the cake is needed and what type / style / size.
  2. Large cakes with dyed batter require at least 24 hours notice. Smaller cakes with dyed fillings as pictured below can be done on short notice.
  3. If YOU want to be suprised (9 out of 10 don't know until the party) tell the tech to put a note on doubled up paper inside a taped envelope. Bring that to us.
  4. The bakers / decorator will be the only ones to see what's inside and prepare the cake or fillings as needed. 

Pound Cake Batter is mixed with food safe gel paste color

gender reveal cake batter mixed 

Tinted Pound Cake Batter is deposited in paper lined cake forms.

gender reveal cake batter

Alternatively we can make layer cakes in vannilla or chocolate with pink or blue filling.
Sometimes this is the only way when there is no time left to bake a cake with tinted batter.

gender reveal cake filled blue


gender reveal cake filled pink

Our Reveal Cakes can be decorated any way you want. Most people opt for neutral yellows and greens.

gender reveal cake with yellow trim

If time permits more complicated cakes are available including custom shapes and tiered cakes.

gender reveal onesie


custom 2 tier gender reveal cake with pink and blue trim

These cakes were done for twins.

gender reveal cake for twins