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Baby Shower Cakes

Custom Baby Shower cakes by Mayfair Bakery in Philadelphia

Let us help you design a wonderful and delicious baby shower cake to welcome the new addition to your family.
Our classic and modern designs of all shapes and sizes will be a hit at your party.


Pumpkin Themed Cake

Edible pumpkin shape with a baby poking out the top. Set on top of a 14" square triple layer pound cake. Serves 100+

pumpkin baby shower cake


Stroller Cake

Unique Baby stroller shape in all soft buttercream icing. 12" carriage with 7" wheels
Each of the three cakes can be done in a different flavor like chocolate, marble, chips, fruits, liquor, etc.

carraiage baby shower cake


Full Sheet Cake with Blocks

Full sheet pound cake with 3" mini block cakes and gum paste flowers

baby shower cake with blocks


Cradle and Heart

8-pound heart shaped cake with cradle theme on top.
Several sizes available for 40 servings and over.

baby shower cradle heart