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We have a cake serving guide to help you decide on how big a cake you should order. We generally recommend 5 servings per pound but you know your guests best and can decide if they like big slices or not.

Some cakes like Carrot Cake or Italain Rum Torte are much heavier per serving so you cancut down the size ordered. For example if you have 25 guests that would be a 5 lb.-12" round pound cake but if you want Carrot Cake you only need a 10" round.

Peanut Allergy Information

We are not a certified peanut free facility

We do not use peanuts or peanut oil in any of our products
We do use walnuts, almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts.
All of these come from suppliers that specifically state that their facilities also process peanuts.

Ordering cakes for people with peanut allergies - When you place your order let us know if you are ordering with concerns for a peanut allergy. The order will be tagged and we will make every reasonable effort to prevent accidental exposure.

Legally we cannot call ourselves a peanut free facility. To qualify for that designation all equipment would have to be replaced with new equipment. When an order is placed and tagged as “Peanut Allergy” we are extra careful that no staff brings in any peanut foods or snacks. Also the order is kept seperate from any products containing walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans during makeup, baking, and packaging. While we go to great lengths to mitigate any exposure or cross contamination we cannot be responsible for any adverse reactions.

Yes. Delivery is based on time and distance. Email for an estimate. We'll need the exact address, parking details, inside details (where the cake goes), date and time of day. Price ranges from $5 for very local to $85 downtown. Delivery to any of our wholesale accounts on regular delivery days are free.

Yes on consults,
No on the fee.

Plase refer to our wedding and specialty cake consultation checklist for more.

Most of the initial questions can be cover by email.

Visa, Discover, Master Card and American Express
Personal Checks accepted 10 days in advance for payment in full / deposits. $50 for returned checks.

Payments can also be made online by Credit Card or Bank Draft via a secure link sent by email.

Yes. Payment in full can be made over the phone by credit card. If you wish to leave only a deposit and pay the rest by credit card later an additional $1 processing fee is added. This covers the additional fees charged to us by the credit card processor for 2 seperate transactions on the same sale.

Payments can also be made online by Credit Card or Bank Draft via a secure link sent by email.

For wedding, custom, and specialty shape cakes a 25% deposit is required ($25 minimum) to place the order. Payment in full is required 2 weeks in advance of the order date.

Price per serving depends on the level of detail in design. Prices start at $4.25 per serving for most designs. Simple tiered cakes are less.
It's important to note that we recommend 5 servings per pound (3.2 ounces per serving) and we will detail out not only the number of servings but the total wieght of your cake as well as the tier dimensions. Always compare yield in servings as well as total wieght of cake.

Discounts for wholesale accounts depend on the item and amount ordered. Please contact us well in advance to discuss pricing. Generally if it's cheaper for us we will pass along savings to the customer.